Thank you, mystery art buyer!

    Selling art is a heart-warming feeling. I've sold several pieces throughout my art career and I have to say that heart-gushing feeling never subsides. 

    Last night at the DAMNED XI Detroit art show opening I sold In The Vase of Remembrance which is one of my favorite recent creatiions! I'm elated, to say the least. Thank you, mystery-buyer!

    I have sold many works coast-to-coast and every single time I get this *swoon* feeling when a piece sells because that person now has a piece of my soul in their home. That's pretty cool, I think.

    I truly thank you, art-recipient, and want youto know that I'm extremely humbled. <3

    In The Vase of Remembrance

    "In The Vase of Remembrance" - Debbee Lotito.  Watercolor, pencil - 2018

    I'm truly thankful to everyone who has ever purchased art from me. 



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